OXO Ice Cream Scoop Review

September 12, 2020 by Ishaan Korarkar

Its easy to make a bad ice cream scoop that will sell well. If it does the basic job, no one will care past a certain point of bare bones quality, which is quite low. But good ice cream scoops make a difference. The OXO 8’’ Ice Cream Scoop is a joy to use. The scoop has a distinct weight and quality to it. It feels, as all good tools do, like an extension of your body. The concave metal bit (1) is shaped so that it has a depression near the bottom, or near your hand, and tranisitions into a pointed tip. Of all the ice cream scoops I’ve used, all of them have a hard ceramic or metal handle. This one has a soft ruber one that conforms to the shape of your hand, magnafying the ‘extention of your body’ feel.

The scoop scoops ice cream better because of its pointed tip. It cuts the coldest of ice cream better, even when when the scoop itself is room temperature or lower. The scoop doesn’t make it hard for you to dispense ice cream into a bowl. It doesn’t use any gimics (like buttons or levers) to do that, making it easy to clean.

This article is very pretentious but I do think this scoop is a marvel of design at least compared to other ice cream scoops. If you want to buy the ice cream scoop this is the link.

Thanks to John Siracusa for the recomendation in his article Good Products, and to Aditya Koratkar for reading drafts of this.

(1) I know I could have said “scoop” or “spoon”, but “concave metal bit” sounds so much more fun to say

2020/09/12 by Ishaan Koratkar