1.6 Billion Seconds

September 13, 2020 (1,600,000,000) by Ishaan Koratkar

Today marks the day that 1.6 billion seconds have passed since January 1st 1970, the day that Unix Time began. Pretty cool, eh? I really think that these time things are in vain, but a few years ago I was borderline obsesive compulsive about this stuff. I had an alarm set for 12:34 and a few other arbitrary minutes that repeated daily. Some would ring in my math class. Every. Single. Day. I eventually realized how stupid that was, but it lasted quite a while(1). Regardless of that, it’s still kinda cool that we have made it 1.6 billion seconds from January 1st 1970 without blowing the planet up with atomic bombs, or a zombie virus, or drone warfare, or who knows what else.

I try to write timless things here, and despite this essay being quite literally about a specific second in time, I think we can look back, after the AI takes over, or the robot uprising happens, or the—whatever next mass destruction event caused by humans—occurs, and pat ourselves on the back for making it this far.

(1) Old habits die hard. Yesterday, I set an yet another one of these cursed alarms, to see the time flip over today. And guess what? It was actually kind of fun to wake up stupidly early to watch another meaningless second pass by.

2020/09/13 by Ishaan Koratkar