Faster Times

October 4, 2020 by Ishaan Koratkar

I love cross country and running, but meets can be less than pleasant. The dread before the race, that you will have to push yourself to your physcial limits is not a good feeling, and can sometimes be worse than the actual running. But races aren’t that terrible. You get to go to a place and run as fast as you can for a few miles. It’s over quite quickly. If only you could change the way you could experience the passage of time so that the dread goes by faster…

This article written about the way brains experience time, reveals that time is indeed elastic to the humans. We experience time faster when we are having more fun than expected. That can happen on meet days as well. In the time before you are actually running, if you are having fun, it will go by faster. If you do your best to be optimistic and try to have fun, the faster the meets go by (1).

(1) I don’t know if this effects your race time, but in my experience, I haven’t noticed a correlation.

2020/10/04 by Ishaan Koratkar