Stupid Moves

October 20 2020, by Ishaan Koratkar

There are a few different species of stupid moves you can make in relation to the amount of people around you. You can do stupid things to impress other people, or at least to get their attention. This can be something like throwing yourself into a pool around other people without a change of clothes, or something much more dangerous. Regardless, you do it mainly for others. Another stupid action is caused by what I like to call “group inertia”. Everyone in the group thinks it’s a unwise course of action, but no one speaks up about it. An object in motion (in this case, a group of people) likes to stay in motion. Group related unwise desicions are always worth avoiding, they are never fruitful. I think a good example of this is adults and alchohol. As a group drinks itself into heavy intoxication, no one can stop the motion.

When you are alone, you can do stupid things, like snorting finely ground coffee beans or shoulder checking an important political figure in front of her more powerful friends, because of outright ignorance or stupidity. This kind is fairly common, and fizzles out of us as we grow up. That isn’t to say it’s completely gone when we’re adults––far from it––but young children are the ones who make the most badly thought out desicions (1).

I’ve made all 4 of these stupid moves many times, and so has everyone else. The main point of making them (or rather realizing that you’ve made them) is not to feel intense regret that you made them, but rather to learn from them. In realization of our stupidity we grow the most.

Thanks to [%credits] for reading drafts of this.

(1) Not to say anything against young children, we were all young children at one point. Children learn about their world through both their 5 senses and the reactions and responses to desicions that they make. So it’s natural that they make stupid desicions, and it’s probably good for them.

2020/10/20 by Ishaan Koratkar