How to Be Healthy

November 3, 2020 by Ishaan Koratkar

Manifesto Part

I think the major problem we face with health and food is the same problem we face with the internet. Many things around you are built to be addictive. Foods have more sugar than they are advertised to. The initially well meaning pursuit of science has been repeatedly corrupted by companies that are hiding lucrative truths. Facebook has algorithims to keep you scrolling, just like everyone else.

Sugar is a drug in a lot of senses, and I think we should avoid it as much as we can. I’m not talking about naturally occuring sugars and all of that, I’m talking about heavily processed things, like soda and candy. It’s a given you shouldn’t take those (the word take not eat is more fitting). Humans are animals like everything else, designed to survive in the harshest enviorments, where food and water is scarce. So when it’s abundant, we over eat.

Everyone has problems avoiding these, it’s programmed into us. Another bad thing in our culture is telling people they are fat and that it’s all their fault. I agree that fatness is a problem in many places that have abundance. A healthy society does better than a overweight one. But abusing people over their weight isn’t going to fix anything. We are designed to survive in the unforgiving and impartial world we evolved in, not a world of addiction and abundance.

I don’t think this essay is a great resource on loosing weight, or maintaining a habit that keeps you fit. I instead mean it as a manifesto of my belief that we are living in a world we are not designed for, and that we can’t beat ourselves up for every mistake we make. Many things are unnatural to us. For instance, reading is an unnatural ability that leverages our visual and verbal systems. Unnatural is not a synonym for bad, but rather a reminder that we can leverage our primitive, yet stunningly complex, minds and bodies to do what nothing on our planet has done before. However, forgetting that we “are made out of meat” won’t do us any good [1].

“Guide” part

I think there are a few things that go into fitness and health:

[1] They’re Made Out of Meat

[2] Source (I’d recommend you read the book as well)

Thanks to [%credits] for spell checking this.

2020/11/03 by Ishaan Koratkar