Kindle Text Formatting

November 20, 2020 by Ishaan Koratkar

If you own a kindle device, text formatting is a bit tricky. You can play around with fonts and see what works, but it’s always just a bit off. Luckily, Amazon has provided us with a bunch of custom fonts and text options. We want the perfect reading conditions for our eyes (the optimal character count for English is 50-60, and the optimal font has letters that are quite different from each other) Here what I have found to be the best:

Bookerly is a beautifully designed font, it gives the feeling of being chiseled into the screen. Serif fonts are meant to look that way, but Bookerly really nails the look and feel. Now, Bookerly’s a serif font, and despite serif fonts being easier to read, sans-serif fonts are better for tired eyes. Here is my tired, empty, and broken inside setting:

If you think you have a better one, email me with the same list style, I’ll add it below this paragraph credited to your first name. My address is “ishaan” @ “”.

If you fell asleep while reading this one, you have my deepest condolences.

Update (2020-11-25): I’ve finished my first book with this setting, and it was lovely! I got done with the book faster, and I felt like I retained more.

2020/11/20 by Ishaan Koratkar