Ishaan Koratkar’s Day Out

2020-11-23 by Ishaan Koratkar

I skipped highschool on November 16 to visit the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, where my cousin is doing his masters in mechanical engineering.

08:30: I finish the majority of today’s school work.

09:00: we leave the house for the bus stop, I have the day planned from yesterday, with a list of things to do.

It turns out most of the university has been abandoned because of this plague I wasn’t previously aware of.

09:10: We arrive at the bus stop.

09:41: We arrive at the University

There’s no one here! Apparently this plague is serious business!

09:47: We broke into the alumni building!

I ate breakfast at the alumni, which took 10 minutes. There is no one here in this amazing work of architecture! I really wish I had real deep scientific work to do, like physics or something. Imagine how much you could focus here with the sleepy streams of water and the buildings natural light!

10:12 We broke into the physics building!

My cousins university card didn’t work, but serendipitously a guy in a blue sweatshirt walked in and we followed. Thanks guy in a blue sweatshirt! The physics building is fused with the nano technology building. The nano lab is built on stilt things to minimize vibrations! This place is amazing!

10:20: we enter the mechanical engineering building!

The umn campus is connected by these tunnels because of the intense cold weather. They’re awesome!

10:25: we enter the lab

My cousin’s lab is a total mess because people haven’t been in the university due to plague concerns. The lab itself gets a lot of things done and has whiteboards! I have no idea if what’s on the whiteboards is real math but they always look so cool! The lab is filled with labels and gives me this Feynman vibe. Feynman said that labs should get things done instead of try to look tidy. The lab has raspberry pi and arduino boards scattered everywhere. Not to mention the ram sticks and motherboards.

13:27: Lunch

After doing some self directed learning (my Cousin did grad school homework and 3D printing) it was time for lunch. We went to this overpriced burger joint. I still have yet to break into the CS department.

14:09 after finishing lunch we went back to the Mechanical Engineering building to break into CS via tunnel.

14:15 we used the sky tunnels!

Not all buildings are connected by the underground, some are connected by the sky tunnels!

14:20: xkcd

we stopped by this CS professors office. We didn’t look inside, but the door had a lot of comics on it. Mostly xkcd, which signaled that the professor had good taste. I should email him some more comics to put on his door!

15:12: Inventory

some people came by the lab for inventory. A guy asked for this microcontroller device, and listed the longest name one could find on amazon for it. He sounded like a broken robot.

15:56: Libary

we went to the UMN library, and let me tell you: it’s really something you should try to visit if you come to the Twin Cities, Minnesota. You need card access but if you knock or find someone with a card and pretend you “lost your card” they can let you in.

16:00: Owl Cafe

the UMN owl cafe beneath the library is a playful and energetic place. It’s warmth contrasts the cold of the outside

16:10: So Long

after visiting the library it was time to go home and conclude a fantastic day at the university. (Picture) So long university, I’ll see you again, soon.

Overall I wouldn’t pay the one hundred thousand dollars just for the alumni card, but University of Minnesota is a great place to be for any kind of deep work pursuit, especially during a plague.

2020/11/23 by Ishaan Koratkar