Stopping Our Next SARS

December 10, 2020 by Ishaan Korarkar

Make America Graciously Accept Mask Wearing, Even After This Pandemic.

This article is being written in the midst of the largest pandemic since the 20th century. This plague has encouraged people in every country to wear masks. Many a country has instituted mask mandates, in which not wearing a mask in public areas will result in serious penalty.

Mask wearing wasn’t an unusual sight in Korea, Japan, China, and other countries with serious outbreak fears before SARS-CoV-2. When masks are normal, it represents a population that respects the power diseases can wield, and the pain they can inflict. [1]

When COVID19 comes to an end, as every other pandemic in history has (save for HIV/AIDS), I hope that people in America will continue to wear masks in public areas, airplanes, or when they feel even the slightest sign of an illness.

There isn’t an exact series of steps to insure this cultural change. The only way that comes to mind is to do it yourself. Wear a mask after the pandemic. If others stop wearing face covering, looking odd always beats getting sick. Ignore people that make a big deal of not wanting to wear masks, and encourage people you know to follow suit. It would seem weird to always wear a mask at a place like work or school, but we could adopt something like Korea’s culture: If you feel somewhat sick, wear a mask and seperate yourself from others.

We don’t know when the next plague will be, but if we don’t forget the lessons that’ve been freshly written into our brains, we’ll be ready for it.

[1]: Huffington Post Mask Article

2020/12/10 by Ishaan Koratkar