Theories of You

March 13, 2021 by Ishaan Koratkar

Warning: this article was not written by a physicist, nor was any research was done beforehand.

Physics has some ideas on how the universe works. The implications are terrifying, beautiful, chaotic, and wonderful. What they tell each human about themselves is interesting and profound. This is a list of what you might be in spacetime and should cure all identity crises for the rest of your life.

1. Infinite Selves Theory

It’s possible that the universe is a loop: it starts from the Big Bang, and then crushes in on itself, only to happen again in the exact same way. The infinite repetition is because the parameters to the Big Bang function are the same each time because of the universe crushing itself into an infinitely small point.

This means that you are written into the fabric of reality. Your genes, your actions, your life, they all happen the exact same way each universe. There is no beginning nor end of this cycle. This might make you sad at first. Every moment of suffering or stress you’ve gone through happens again forever. How terrible!

Think again. You are written into the shape of events that happens when the universe explodes outwards from a tiny point. That special point contains the starting conditions always has a you inside it. That’s incredibly special.

You’re an inseparable bit of the Universe (in all it’s clockwork perfection). The shape of you in time and space are written into the very seamless loop that is the Endless Pattern. No god, no dictator, no professor (unless they disprove this), can take you out of it.

2. Average of You Theory

I’m not saying you’re just some average person, but maybe you are an average of an infinite being. Like in the first case, the universe loops infinitely, though now the output is random, but not that random. The universe occurs in a similar pattern each time, but never exactly the same, like the seasons of a year. That means that this lifetime will never be experienced again, but that a character like you shows up many times during the infinity of reality.

This is awesome. You (or at least someone like you) have a chance of occurring in each of the infinite epochs the universe takes on. This means that this life is unique, but you have infinite goes at getting it right!

You could use this chance for everything! You can start that startup, apply for that job, apply for that college, take a risk on an idea, or stand up for what you believe in. This isn’t the only time someone like you comes along, so you should use your life to it’s fullest.

3. Death of You and Single Chance Theory

The past two theories assume the universe happens forever in a similar or exact pattern. What if that’s not how this goes? The universe repeats, but in an entirely different way each time. You never happen again.

Or, there’s a chance that entropy wins. The universe expands and expands and then spends all it’s energy. Then it goes cold. Atomic fusion stops. The last star dies. Then its infinite… nothingness. Either way, this life is your only chance.

You could use this chance for anything! You can start that startup, apply for that job, apply for that college, take a risk on an idea, or stand up for what you believe in. This is the only time someone like you comes along, so you should use your life to it’s fullest.

4. Simulation Theory

This one is true, but not the way you think (well, it is the way you think). Your brain computes an interpretation of reality based on sensory input. You live in your own simulation, and interact with other complex biological machines[1]. You carry out computations to predict what the others think and feel, effectively constructing a model of them.

The chilling thing is whether the constructions inside of you are conscious. Our brains have the mental framework doing that for one person. Why not more?

5. Black Hole Theory

There’s a chance that every time a black hole is birthed, an entire universe is born within it. We are inside one of many recursive branches of the universe, and either of the theories mentioned could be possible or all possible[2], based on how black holes work!


Whichever theory is true, you still are a special shape in spacetime. You occur when the parameters of the universe are set in this way, and it took billions of years of evolution to create you. Your genetic code is a unique shape that no one else runs, not even a identical twins[3]. You are the product of emergent systems and the raw chaos of existence. That’s incredibly strange and wonderful, and your life is the continuation of the experiment of evolution that nature ran on itself. You’re matter that woke up.

  1. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, there’s a beautiful scene (S113: Datalore) where Captain Picard has to deal with the “non-humanness” of an android named Data. Picard reminds us that we are machines too, just of a different kind. ↩︎

  2. Physics could be different in each black hole, supporting the possibility of black holes being either recursively the exact same or entirely different, depending on their parent. Kind of like a leaf with all it’s veins. Black holes are theorized to evaporate after a bit, so if we are inside one, this is still your only chance. ↩︎

  3. There have been cases where the process of twinning gets messed up, and one person has more than one set of DNA. ↩︎

2021/03/13 by Ishaan Koratkar