The Power of Fiction

May 3, 2021 by Ishaan Koratkar

I’ve always loved reading fiction but I’ve never had a solid reason that made fiction an activity worth doing. Today I came across an interview with David Goggins where he mentions the power that the movie Rocky had on him. The impossible idea of someone getting up when each bone in their body is broken, when each calorie of energy is gone, and when they defy their odds pushed him in becoming a Navy Seal.

That’s a solid reason to read fiction. The connections with a character or a scene can change the way you see your personal suffering. Whether it’s Dune, Norse Mythology, Rocky, or anything else, a deep connection with a story can unlock a little bit more from us than we knew we had. Fiction helps us tap into a deep reason to live and to live our best lives.

When we hit incredible lows, as Goggins did at the beginning of his journey, these characters are always there for us.

2021/05/03 by Ishaan Koratkar