By Ishaan Koratkar

Power is the people’s. No one should have too much of it. If that happens, they go bad. People don’t always want power. It can happen to them. When they get it, they like to keep it. A few people use most of the power. They work together. A power group needs a leader. The leader needs the group. The leader needs keys. Keys are the people in the group and things we need to live. Water is the best key.

People keys are keys because the leader gives them what they want. If the people keys hope to control the leader, they must act as one. The keys serve the leader through controlling us. They control us through shaping our thoughts. What do they put in your head?

The way you think about the past. Why did we fight in that war?

The way you think about soldiers. Why are they great for killing?

The way you think about the leader. Why can they be above their laws?

The things they call people. Why is one a this and the other a that for the same doing?

Power groups are everywhere. They all have laws. Some laws are spoken, others are not. Some power groups are harder to see than others. Some do wrong, some do not. Some leaders do not need keys. They put thoughts in your head with simple words and good ideas.

2021/05/15 by Ishaan Koratkar