Statistics Mean Stat

Recently, people have been trying to cleanse the world of standardized tests, like the ACT/SAT that most people in the US take. I think that this is a bad idea. It appears the reason people are trying to get rid of the ACT/SAT system is that it shows that people are not equal in intelligence. Some groups of people do better on these tests. This essay is how those statistics apply to you. The ACT/SAT score you get is considered a good idea of how you will do in life. Do really well and you are more likely to get a PhD or end up with a good job. First off, these tests are testing your ability to prepare for something and work hard more than intrinsic qualities. Kids who do that end up doing better in life: no surprise. Intelligence is built, not born.

The next thing I would like to put out there is these statistics apply to a large group of people. ACT/SAT scores can predict how well people will do in life, but it isn’t determining that. Defying the odds is up to you, not your score. Statistics mean something at certain abstractions, but mean little when you look at an individuals ability to change (take, for instance, David Goggins).

Certain groups may do worse on the SAT. Destroying the SAT will not improve anything for them. Doing that is like telling them they can’t improve at all. Which isn’t true: scores are malleable with hard work.

2021/06/07 by Ishaan Koratkar